New York during the pandemic. Sirens and birds – and I am missing Piggyback and the rest of the NYC restaurants.

It happened from one day to another.
March 8th I was doing a fitting for a job that never happened.
I was having dinner at Piggyback on March 9th.
March 12th I was playing a “wealthy party-guest” on my last film-set.
And on March 15th the city closed down.

Since then I have friends and acquaintances that died and friends that have been hospitalized. Too emotional to mention here. I will always miss the ones who passed and am eternally grateful for those to managed to get through. This virus is pest.

I would just like to share some moments from my locked-in life in New York this spring and summer in the next blog-posts.

First the ambulances and the birds. The sirens were constant in March and April… Every minute…no other sounds of life from outside or apartment…just the sirens….

And then we noticed the birds.

So I wrote a short poem to go with the enclosed sunrise video from early spring 2020.

Birds and ambulances.
Beauty and sadness,
becoming memories
I view the city from above
listening to dawn,
a tropical forest
by an emergency room.
And I wonder,
does the Mocking Bird
try to sound like the sirens now…