and then there is the guy with the suit-cases

See, there isn’t just
the guy in white
there is another New York mystery guy
The guy with the suit-cases

His base is Houston street
between Avenue A and B
Sometimes he has only
5 suitcases,
all locked up together in a pile
Sometimes the whole block
has little stations of suitcases
with anything from 5 – 15 suitcases
placed in different parts of the block

All with locks

IMG_0784 kopia

…and he is somewhere near by
having this constant conversation
with somebody invisible

He sounds angry and concerned

You might have seen him
He is maybe around 35
A little heavy.

Around 11pm,
he sometimes
goes through the trash
from Union Market.
There is left-over sushi there
In nice packages

He sits on the steps
near his suitcases
and eats his sushi
talking to the air

But I still wonder …
those suitcases –

where do they come from?


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