I am back here again – and eating Basque tapas

Hey there. I was gone for over a year from this blogg. Maybe I needed time to figure out what it was I wanted to write about. I started out wanting to write poetic contemplations on my New York existence: like the bums on my block (there are several regulars), the music still played in my neighborhood bars, the Russian more-than-middle-aged men trying to pick me up on Brighton Beach, the love of food from everywhere – the simple everyday pleasure of walking around in the city of New York that refuses to be anything than the big melting pot it’s been forever. New York City makes it a promise to protect the people that make the city work. Therefor I love this city.

So I am back. Writing about what I see and think about. And for today – I am starting with Huerta – our own neighborhood Basque restaurant.  I am going there in two hours with my friend from Rome and my husband who is half Estonian and half Swedish.  eating Basque tapas. And tomorrow it might be northwestern Chinese.  All within a short stroll from my apartment. That is one of the reasons why I love New York my friends.

So I will continue with just these type of short contemplations on my life. See you!


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