How could you not love a place called June and a street called Verandah Place

On weekends we love to take the NY Ferry to Atlantic Avenue and explore parts of Brooklyn you don’t really see unless you live there.

We get off at Pier 6/Atlantic Avenue by the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Quickly head away from the water and all the tourists and walk up Congress Street to Henry, where we make a right just to be able to enjoy a little street called Verandah Place. If I ever moved from where we live now, I would love to move here, just because of the pretty address and the beautiful little park there: Cobble Hill Park.

Last time we went, we stumbled on a wine-bar called JUNE, and how could you not love a place with a name like that too.  It’s a few blocks away from Verandah Place on Court by Baltic street.   JUNE was really empty when we passed by. We thought they were closed until we realized they had a magic little garden in the back.  

We had a couple of glasses of a great natural wine and cheese with rhubarb jam and marinated olives from their day-menu. Now we want to go back and try their evening menu.  Very soon.

Magic for real.

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