so what’s up with Queens?

I never went to Queens.
in the old days.

Not until 2013
when we got lost
on our way to Kristofer’s photo exhibit

and met these guys.15219527_10155597245627516_6225066272914379982_n kopia.jpg
I was allowed on one of their bikes
Would not ever happen
with their Manhattan colleagues
The once on 3rd street





Now I’ve been twice to the Korean bath1455990_10152405904932516_1404257474_nFour times to basements in Flushing to eat sublime Chinese dimsum.jpg


And then recently when I took the F-train to Forest Hills to visit Odella. On the way there, a lady sitting next to me opened a fancy box that contained a huge expensive looking pastry with fresh berries on top. She ate it all by herself with pleasure on a crowded F-train. On the way back to Manhattan a female clown in full costume and makeup got on at the Roosevelt Ave stop. She put on her glasses and then quietly read something on her phone

And all this happened in Queens


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