the Mudd Club book release event

It was an evening of time travel
walking around squinting
like at a high school reunion
trying to see the young person
in the old person in front of you
But better
At a high school reunion
you have nothing in common
with anyone
At this reunion
I felt as if anyone
who were still alive
got it

And then I went home
and opened the book
and there I was
a very young Ingrid
with Meling o mel mud club
behind Richard’s hand
waiting to get in

If you were not there – get the book
If you were there – and are still alive
Get it and enjoy being back.



One thought on “the Mudd Club book release event

  1. I went to the Mudd Club 4 times, I was working at other clubs at night and I had to open Pantasia Recorz, my store during the day. Once I went with Billy Idol, we set a girls grass skirt on fire and shot pool. Another time with Slim Jim Phantom and the Stray Cats, that really rocked. Also once Martin Chambers the drummer from The Pretenders and I did enough pixie dust in the toilet to get nose bleeds. But the saddest time was hanging out in the little apartment above with Steve Marriott.
    Queens was way cooler.

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